Who are we?

Purdie Dished Ends Ltd is part of the Purdie Group. We are the only dished end manufacturer in the UK that can offer formed heads using either the spinning or pressing methods.

Whilst we have been based in Bradford for over 25 years, the family owned group was founded almost 90 years ago and throughout this time have been devoted to metal forming

What do we do.?

The company produces bespoke domed dished ends from a wide range of materials such as carbon and stainless steels, copper, duplex, hastelloy, aluminum, titanium, bronze.

Our products are used in a variety of applications and industries such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, road tankers, food processing, chemical plants, nuclear, oil refining, architectural features, art scupltures, traditional and renewable power generation to name but a few.

Why choose us?

Different shapes and sizes of dished ends lend themselves to either the pressing or spinning method of manufacture.

Unlike our competitors we are able to form heads by either technique.

From 380mm up to 6000mm diameter in 3mm to 25mm thickness material, our clients are able to source all their dished head requirements from one company. Whether large or small, thick or thin, spun or pressed we can offer the right product at a competitive price with a high level of service.

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Purdie News

Our latest investment being installed

Latest arrival

"We are delighted to announce that we have taken delivery of two new Faccin machines. This will give us increased
quality and offer greater productivity."
Ed Down -Production Director

Creating an impression, generating interest.

Lisa Mason (Office Sales Manager) & Gary Canning (Sales Engineer) proudly exhibiting one of their dished ends at the recent FPS EXPO in Harrogate.
The exhibition proved a massive success with the road tanker manufacturers. We were able to demonstrate our unique position of being the sole British manufacturer 
who can produce both spun and pressed ends. "This being our first exhibition, we were very pleased with the amount of interest we generated and will be back again next
year with a wider range of Purdie products " - Gary Canning